The Importance of Fleet Maintenance

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Use a trucking company that performs proper fleet maintenance!

Truck services and trucks themselves come in all kinds. If your company needs a truck service, there is a program and a truck that will fit your needs. Evan Transportation offers regional and local trucking services in the Mid-Atlantic for all kinds of loads. Full loads, oversized loads, and more in semis, flatbeds, etc., are our specialties. Do you need intermodal or dropped transportation? We can do it! How do we do it all? Here enters the importance of fleet maintenance.

What Is Fleet Maintenance?

Fleet maintenance is the care and repair of all transportation vehicles. All trucks need routine inspections and maintenance, just like a car does. You will find different maintenance guidelines for different types of trucks, such as for lightweight versus heavyweight trucks. Fleet maintenance covers preventative maintenance and repairs for freight transportation vehicles.

The Importance of Fleet Maintenance

Prevent Downtime

Trucking companies will prevent downtime and delays. Making sure deliveries get to their destinations on time is vital to a successful business; Evan’s success is your success! Inspecting and servicing every truck will keep small problems from becoming enormous ones.

Encourage Successful Transport

In other words, fleet maintenance supports safety for the trucker, the truck, the freight, and the other people on the road. A truck in good condition is a safe truck, and a safe truck means safer passage for everyone and everything involved. A semi-truck that is dysfunctional is a danger to all and threatens lives as well as business.

Increase Stability in the Trucking Company

Keeping up with fleet maintenance will do wonders in keeping the road safe and the trip successful. You will not likely experience downtime, accidents, or damage to the freight. All in all, the load will arrive on time and in great condition. When a trucking company has a consistent record of great service, it increases its stability as a business. People are more likely to trust this trucking company and use them long-term, and its good reputation will spread. 

Do You Need a Reliable Trucking Company in the Mid-Atlantic?

Evan Transportation offers a variety of trucking services within the Mid-Atlantic region, including domestic transportation, trailer rental, and the transportation of oversized loads, hazardous loads, and more. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

For All Your Trucking Needs

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