Wide Loads and Oversize Loads

Wide Loads and Oversize Loads

Do you need to transport a wide or oversize load in the Mid-Atlantic region? Contact us!

Your company might have a particularly large load to transport in the Mid-Atlantic region. If so, Evan Transportation is up for the job! We provide trucking services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and are based in Maryland. We provide transportation for the long and short haul as well as A-1 trailers and mobile storage container rentals. Before you seek trucking services for wide loads and oversize loads, here is what you should know. 

What Are Wide Loads?

Wide loads are any load that exceeds the sides of the truck by more than five inches. Most truck beds are 8 feet wide, and anything beyond 8’5” would be called a wide load. A wide load usually only pertains to loads that exceed the width limit, but an oversize load could also be a wide load.

What Are Oversize Loads?

An oversize load exceeds the state’s limits concerning width, length, height, weight, or any combination of these factors. In general, no load should exceed 14’6” tall. Otherwise, all other limitations are set by each state. 

Wide and Oversize Load Rules & Restrictions

You will need to get a permit before you ship any wide or oversize load anywhere in the United States. The permit will be necessary only if you exceed the state’s limits for load weight, height, length, or width. 

When you do transport a wide or oversize load, you will also need to follow the rules regarding transportation. You might only be able to have your load travel between sunrise and sundown. Your schedule might also be restricted by the holiday season

When traveling, you could be required to place a yellow and black banner saying “WIDE LOAD” or “OVERSIZE LOAD” on the back and front of the truck. You might also need to place flags and lights on the corners of the load that exceed the width limit. In some cases, you may need pilot cars to come before and behind the truck to promote safe transportation amid traffic. 

Consult with Evan Transportation

As you can see, you will need to look up the rules for transporting wide loads and oversize loads of each state to remain within the law. You can also consult with us at Evan Transportation to learn the rules of the road and transport your load safely and on schedule.

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