About Trucking During the Holidays

Types of Trailers in Trucking

What are the holidays like in the trucking world? Find out here.

Trucking is not a job for the faint of heart. It has its benefits and its challenges, just like any job, and one of the challenges is the long hours on the road. When traveling throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, some truckers might have to be on the road for days at a time. Only local truckers are home every night. There is much more to trucking during the holidays especially than meets the eye; here is more about what goes on and how truckers manage during the holidays.

Do Truckers Get Holidays Off?

Truckers can take holiday time off to be with family. Just like any job, they also get vacation time. Truckers can just as much spend time at home for the holidays as anyone else. Each company’s policy for paid time off is different, but in general, truckers could get more PTO based on their level. Due to the nature of freight shipping, it is hard to guarantee that every trucker can get every holiday off. However, trucking companies typically offer PTO for specific holidays, such as Christmas and Labor Day.

Trucking During the Holidays

Staying Alert on the Road

The truckers that are on the road during the holidays do their best to keep alert and practice safe driving habits. During the winter, truck driving can require even more caution. Semi-truck operators usually need to travel below the speed limit; all of them need to keep their distance from vehicles in front of them so they have room to stop. Car drivers can help maintain road safety in different ways.

Staying in Touch

It’s important to stay social during the holidays; they are for enjoying with other people. Truckers keep in touch with their loved ones through video call or phone. They can also gang up with other traveling truckers and communicate either remotely or in person. No matter what, it is better to spend the holidays with others, and truckers have ways to do this on the road.

Staying Festive

Truckers can do even more than stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. They can get into the holiday spirit too with festive decorations inside and outside of the truck. These decorations should not inhibit the truck’s functionality, but still provide cheer for everyone on the road. Evan Transportation wishes you a happy holiday!

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