The Dangers of Truck Overloading

The Dangers of Truck Overloading

There are oversized loads, but what about overloaded trucks? The latter poses dangers to the road.

As experienced truckers and transportation industry workers, we know firsthand exactly how big and heavy tractor-trailers and trucks are. While having an experienced driver makes a big difference and ensures that safety is upheld throughout the journey of your cargo, there are very real dangers of truck overloading that can put both the driver and people on the road at risk. What makes overloading so hazardous?

What Is Overloading?

There are regulations that determine exactly how much weight a commercial vehicle can safely carry. This weight will depend on the number of axles that the truck has. For the average truck on the road, the limit will sit around 80,000 lbs. These limits are established and enforced to reduce the dangers of truck overloading, protect the roads and bridges, and reduce the level of wear and tear on trucks. Any time a truck is carrying more weight than it should, you would consider it to be overloaded.

Poorly Loaded Cargo

One of the dangers of truck overloading is poorly loaded cargo. When cargo is not carefully secured and placed throughout the trailer, it can be unstable and a serious hazard. Trucks that are not fully loaded might still be dangerous if the cargo is loaded in a haphazard way. Items could topple or shift all to one side while driving. Unsecured cargo is a major risk, as a sudden stop or driving down an incline might move it and cause it to fall. 

Bad Performance

Additionally, one of the dangers of truck overloading is poor drivability and performance. Vehicles that are carrying too much cargo and weight are prone to stalling, becoming harder to steer, and performing erratically. It puts a heavier weight on the truck itself, making it work harder than it should to move. Such trucks will also need a longer amount of time to stop safely, which can be a major safety hazard when driving in lots of traffic. Truckers already drive under the speed limit in many cases, and this stress just makes driving even slower. This exertion on the vehicle and the increased dangers are often more stressful for the driver, which can lead to driving choices that are less than wise. 

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