Truck Maintenance Suggestions for Spring

Getting your Truck Ready for Spring

With spring on the way, take the opportunity to perform some maintenance tasks on your truck!

Throughout the winter season, trucks take on a huge toll. Snow, mud, and salt can start accumulating and causing serious damage to your truck, which can make transitioning into the spring a little tougher. To ready yourself for the new season, you’re going to have to take some time and perform a few maintenance tasks. Here are some truck maintenance tips you can use to get yourself ready for spring.

Clean and Wax Your Truck

Salt is used to help melt snow from the roads so that trucking is safer. However, salt can cause problems for your truck. Your paint job can be compromised because paint tends to corrode when exposed to salt.

To prevent this, truck maintenance should include a thorough cleaning of the vehicle. This removes all of the salt that could cause damage if left unchecked. Be sure to address the undercarriage, so you don’t miss any spots that have potentially gotten rusty. This is also the ideal time to wax your truck if you haven’t already. This makes summer cleaning easier when it gets to be that time.

Address Your Windshield Wipers

You should also address your windshield wipers in the spring because they go through a lot in the winter. Sometimes, they get frozen to your windshields, and they have to deal with salty spray back on occasion.  Replacing your windshield wipers should be another item on your truck maintenance to-do list, or you can clean the ones you have so that problems don’t arise when you start dealing with spring showers.

Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance is something that should be tackled on an annual basis. However, spring is a season in which your tires really need to be checked thoroughly because they get put through a lot during the winter. Get your tires replaced or get them rotated as necessary. Also, you want to be certain that you have your tires at the correct tire pressure. The better your tire pressure is, the longer your tires can keep your truck rolling and the more gas you can save.

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