How to Buy Commercial Semi-Truck Tires

How to Buy Commercial Semi-Truck Tires

Make sure that you’re not spending more time than necessary when you buy commercial semi-truck tires.

When you drive or own a commercial semi-truck, maintenance isn’t a small thing. A well-maintained rig is more fuel-efficient, safer, and better to drive. Buying new semi-truck tires for your rig is an important part of your maintenance tasks. There are lots of tires to choose from, which can make it a time-consuming process to make sure you’re investing in the proper ones for your rig or fleet. There are already many time-sinks that exist in the trucking industry, like traffic, for example. Make sure that you’re not spending more time than necessary when you buy commercial semi-truck tires by familiarizing yourself with four main factors of consideration.

Load Capacity

Load capacity is one of the first things you should consider when choosing tires. Tire manufacturers list the maximum load capacity that should be applied to their tires in their specs. You cannot safely overload tires. If your average trip is larger than the load capacity of the tires you’re considering, you need to find another tire option.

Rubber Quality

The quality of the rubber making up the tire is also something to consider when choosing the right tire. Specifically, the hardness of the rubber is what you should look at. Softer rubbers provide a more comfortable, smoother ride because it grips the road, but it also makes the tire less durable and likely lowers fuel efficiency.

Route Conditions

Harder rubber lasts longer, but may not be as good in bad weather, so you should take the conditions of your route into consideration. If you usually drive in or through areas where temperatures fluctuate greatly, a softer rubber tire is a better bet. The softer rubber of these tires responds to the changes in temperature more quickly than hard rubber, and it allows them to better grip the road in changing conditions.

Retread Tires

Retread tires may seem like a risky choice to anyone who has never used them. Most people who aren’t in the trucking industry may not even know what a retread tire is. In short, it is an old, worn tire that has been carefully inspected for safety before having the worn tread buffed off and new tread applied. The process of applying new tread is very similar to the process of manufacturing a new tire, and the resulting tire has comparable reliability and lower cost per mile than standard tires.

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