Simple Ways to Improve Semi-Truck Fuel Efficiency

Simple Ways to Improve Semi-Truck Fuel Efficiency

If you’re looking for simple ways to improve the fuel efficiency of your rig, read on!

When you’re an owner-operator, you know that the price of diesel is one of the driving forces that determine your profit margin. When prices are up, your profits take a hit, and good fuel economy practices can be a saving grace. When prices are down, those same practices just expand your profit margin. If you’re looking for simple ways to improve the fuel efficiency of your rig, read on!

Improve Aerodynamics

There are many modifications you can make to your rig to improve aerodynamics, which in turn will improve fuel efficiency. There are special windshields that improve airflow, cab extenders and hood-to-bumper pieces that fill the gaps to prevent air turbulence, and lower front air dams to redirect flow. Even small things like a body-integrated antenna, hubcaps, and elliptical-shaped mirrors can help. For every 2% reduction in drag you achieve thanks to improvement in aerodynamics, expect to see a 1% improvement in fuel efficiency.

Reduce Idling Time

When your engine is on, but you’re not moving, your gas mileage is going down. In fact, for each hour that you idle, your mileage goes down by 1%. There will certainly be plenty of times when you can’t help it, but keep your idling to a minimum as much as possible.

Slow Your Roll

There are many reasons to watch your speed, not the least of which is that it will help you avoid an accident. Slowing down can also help your fuel efficiency. For most trucks, 55 miles per hour is the sweet spot. When you’re running behind, it is tempting to push your speed up to get to your destination quicker. Expect to see a decrease of about 0.1 miles per gallon for each mile per hour you drive over 55. If you’re regularly rocking down the road at 80 MPH, that’s a 2.5 miles per gallon dip in your fuel efficiency.

Watch Your Tires

Your tires also play a role in your fuel efficiency. Under-inflated tires cost you about a 1% reduction in fuel efficiency for every ten psi they are lacking. Wide based tires can improve mileage by about 4% over conventional dual rib. And brand new tires often offer more resistance, so tires that have worn down and been broken in by about 35,000-50,000 miles of travel can give you about a 7% increase in fuel efficiency.

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