Winterizing Your Truck Fleet for Mid-Atlantic Winters

Winterizing Your Truck Fleet for Mid-Atlantic Winters

Winter can be one of the most challenging times of the year for even experienced truck drivers and even worse for any ill-prepared truck fleet.

Many truckers would agree, the weather and environment can sometimes be the worst adversary to face on the road. The nasty weather conditions and road conditions can wreak havoc on your truck fleet and their many routes. The most extreme and difficult to work with conditions usually occur during the winter. Winter can be one of the most challenging times of the year for even experienced truck drivers and even worse for any ill-prepared truck fleet. As snow, sleet, and ice totals mount, a trucker’s ability to drive safely decreases substantially. All the vehicles in your truck fleet need to be prepared to drive on routes that get a lot of icy, snowy precipitation during the winter months.

Upgrade Wiper Blades and Other Driving Aids

Precipitation is perhaps the most dangerous thing a driver can face on their route. In addition, weather across the country can take a drastic turn at a moment’s notice. Pairing these two things explains the importance of installing new wiper blades to help combat any subpar weather condition.

Sometimes it’s the little things that can help make a trucker’s route easier. For instance, using a sealing product over doors, windows, and other creases to keep them from freezing shut. Window coating materials also exist to help improve visibility. A portable defroster or heater can help with frozen locks, hatches, and doors.

Keep Spare Supplies and An Emergency Kit

Checking your truck’s status before heading out on a route is also an important idea. This includes all engine fluids, tire pressure, tire grip, and other mechanical aspects. Keeping spare bottles of fluid or excess parts is a good way to prepare for any changes as a result of different elevations or environments. Changes in these can affect fluid levels and tire air pressure.

Preparing an emergency kit and bringing it on all routes that could see trouble is another fundamental way to prepare for the winter trucking. Some items that belong in the emergency kit include flashlights, batteries, jumper cables, extra winter clothing, makeshift repair items. In addition to these, human survival items are also important to bring. They include extra water, food, medicine, first aid supplies, and documents. Ensuring all members of your truck fleet carry these items will keep any incidents from getting worse.

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