How To Show Gratitude to Awesome Truck Drivers

How To Show Gratitude to Awesome Truck Drivers

Here are some great things you can do to offer your support to truck drivers.

Truck drivers keep America moving. This year has proven many old adages true, especially this one. Without hard-working truck drivers, there would have been even more shortages than we’ve seen throughout this pandemic. They continue to work tirelessly to transport goods across the country and throughout the cities to keep stores stocked when we needed it the most. Like many professions that have selflessly served the nation through this, awesome truck drivers deserve thanks and recognition. Here are some great things you can do to offer your support. 

Drive Carefully and Courteously

One of the biggest things that any individual can do to respect truck drivers is not to be the reason they have an accident. Trucks have several blind spots in front and along the sides of the rig, and if you are in one of them, the driver cannot see you. Know where truck blind spots are and avoid them, especially when merging. Trucks are also heavy. It takes longer for them to slow and stop, so don’t ever cut off a truck and expect the driver to be able to stop without hitting you. Finally, remember that trucks need more space to make a turn, so don’t cut inside the turn of a truck with its turn signal on.

Back Helpful Legislation

Educate yourself on local and national legislation and actively voice your support to your representatives for commonsense measures that support truck drivers. Often this legislation revolves around hours-of-service measures, electronic log devices, and driving and break times, but recently there has been a push to decrease excise taxes to help drivers upgrade in the midst of the pandemic. Special interest groups like the Owner-Operator Independent Driver Association can help you learn more.

Donate To Non-Profits

There are non-profits that exclusively support truck drivers and their families by offering food support, medical help, counseling services, funeral assistance, or assistance with moving. Some are specialized, and some are general, so find one that speaks to you. Donating to these organizations is a great way to help the people who are supporting truckers.

Thank Them In Person

When you see a truck driver on the road at a restaurant or rest stop, say thank you to them. If you want to use more than words, you could offer to pay for their coffee or a meal or even offer a gift card to a popular chain restaurant or store

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