Why It’s Easier Than You Think to Eat Healthy While Trucking

Why It's Easier Than You Think to Eat Healthy While Trucking

When talking about long-distance trucking, healthy eating is one of those things that probably does not come to mind.

When talking about long-distance trucking, healthy eating is one of those things that probably does not come to mind. Between the long hours of sitting, cheap takeout or gas station snacks, or the preserved food required to make the journey, there doesn’t seem like many opportunities to choose healthy items. However, what if we told you there was a way to keep a healthy diet and eating habits despite the naysayers? There are several different methods to stick to healthy eating and to avoid unhealthy situations even when you have a long road ahead.

Meals and Food Choices

First things first, food choices are at the center of healthy living and balanced eating. Many know the saying: “You are what you eat.” Whether or not this statement rings true for you, it cannot be argued that a banana and peanut butter is a much better alternative to a fast food burger or gas station donuts. Evaluate what your favorite healthy foods to eat are. Figure out ways to bring them along the trip. For instance, if you are a big fan of fruits but are worried they will go bad, invest in a cooler packed with ice blocks to keep them fresh, especially during the warmer months when food can go bad fast!

Portion Control

Most would agree that choosing the right foods is just as important as how large the food portion is. Too much of anything is not always a good thing, even for healthy foods. Most drivers who go on long trucking routes will pack a good food supply to make it through the journey. While it is always good to have extra, be mindful of how much food you are bringing. Don’t feel like you need to eat everything just because you packed it with you! Bored snacking and stress eating is a common way to overeat. Figure out ways to keep your mind engaged while driving and preoccupied during breaks.

Changes to Your Routine

Despite trucking routes having very strict schedules, you’ll be surprised to learn there are many opportunities for free time. Many truckers like to bring their hobbies along with them or to make pit stops to indulge themselves after a long drive. Instead, consider skipping that milkshake and find a good smoothie alternative. Or, if you want to take non-food related breaks, try figuring out a workout system using your cabin or outside of your truck.

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