Checklist: Can I Trust This Trucking Service?

Checklist: Can I Trust This Trucking Service?

A shipper certainly isn’t short of options when looking for a carrier, so how can they know which carrier’s trucking service to trust?

Plenty of businesses depend on the right trucking service to make their company succeed and thrive. Therefore, there’s a lot of pressure for businesses to partner with a trustworthy and reputable trucking company that can provide the trucking service they need. A shipper certainly isn’t short of options when looking for a carrier, so how can they know which carrier’s trucking service to trust? If you’re looking for professionalism and dependability with your trucking service, then make sure the next carrier you work with meets these items on this checklist.

Great Delivery Track Record

Right off the bat, you expect the trucking service you hire to be able to fulfill your delivery on-time and at a fair rate. It would reflect poorly on your business partners and distributors if your products don’t get to them in a timely manner. Any trucking service should be competing for your business, so you can trust a carrier who treats completing each and every order as a top priority. Every facet of your interaction with the carrier should be a pleasant and professional experience.

Even Better Safety Record

What’s just as important as the delivery track record, and arguably even more important, is the carrier’s safety record. For a trucking service, safety is the sign of compliance and efficiency. Their safety record reflects the skill of the drivers. You can also depend on your shipment to get where it needs to go in excellent condition and no delays.

Drivers Are Certified

A legitimate trucking company ensures all of its drivers have their commercial driver’s license and any additional certifications or endorsements. For some trucking services like flatbed deliveries or hazmat deliveries, a driver will need further training and certifications to fulfill these duties. Certified drivers are the ones with the qualifications and knowledge to handle the trucking service shippers are looking for.

Carrier Has Built Up the Experience and Reputation

Another thing shippers should not dismiss looking at reviews of the carrier from previous customers. From these reviews, one can get a sense of the experience and better understand if the services offered align with their given needs. Additionally, it’s often through these reviews that shippers can get a sense of the other information in the above-mentioned sections, in regards to track-record or driver performance.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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