Mistakes That Can Be Made While Trucking

Mistakes That Can Be Made While Trucking

Here are some of the driving habits you’ll want to avoid while trucking.

With winter storms still being an issue in the mid-Atlantic, driving — and specifically trucking — can become hazardous. Living in the mid-Atlantic, the weather can have a significant impact on driving habits and behaviors. Unfortunately, incitement weather is notorious for being a leading cause of driving accidents. As a result, knowing the best ways to avoid any accidents on the road — especially for truck drivers — can alleviate the perry associate with traveling during the winter months when the weather can be at its worst. Here are some of the driving habits you’ll want to avoid while trucking.

Improper Distance From Vehicles Ahead

It is incredibly important that when you are driving on the roads, you maintain a safe distance from other vehicles out there. This is increasingly important in inclement weather. Proper following distance is always important — no matter the weather. However, for truckers traveling in snow or other hazardous conditions, keeping a proper distance becomes essential. The reality is, icy roads can lead to accidents when vehicles are not properly distanced.

Traveling When Tired

Fatigue tends to set in after a long day of trucking. However, being mindful of when fatigue sets in is key to ensuring you are staying safe when driving. The reality is when you are tired, your body slows, and in return, your reaction time isn’t working optimally. As a result, avoid traveling when tired. You’ll want to ensure you are trucking only when you are fully alert to ensure you stay safe on the roads.

Improperly Judging Road Conditions

Unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to properly judge road conditions — especially in poor weather or at night. That being said, misjudging road conditions can be very hazardous when trucking.

An Icy Windshield

Sadly, icy windshields can be detrimental to the safety of a truck driver when on the road. Unfortunately, driving with an icy windshield will leave with absolutely zero visibility leading to multiple opportunities for a potential accident. To avoid these, it’s best to completely let your windshield defrost before heading out on the road for not only your safety but the safety of other drivers on the road.

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