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During this past week, a bill was introduced to the House of Representatives to help pull CSA scores from being viewed by the public. The bill has also included the need to improve the CSA program and changing it to become more helpful for law enforcement. The trucking industry as a whole has come together in a more unified front to oppose the current CSA scores and the algorithm used to generate the scores. They feel as if the use of these scores by the public to determine the safety performance of a motor carrier is unfair and unjust.

The bill calls for the CSA to pair with the National Academy of Public Administration to help change the program with different goals in mind. These goals are:

  • To address the difference between bus companies and trucking companies
  • To avoid harm to small carriers “as a result of limited safety data availability”
  • To utilize only the data that directly correlates to “be predictive of motor carrier crashes”
  • To control the variations of state reported data and self-reported data with accountability for crash faults and “geographical differences”


If this bill were to pass, the National Academy of Public Administration would be required to begin studying new ways to improve the program over a span of a year. Any recommendations made by NAPA would then be required to be implemented by FMCSA over a 90 day period of receiving the report.

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