Bad Habits of Truck Drivers


Bad habits are important to break for all of us. Whether they are bad habits at work or bad habits at home, they are known to cause problems. However, while some may think that bad habits are harmless, bad habits by truck drivers can be fatal. Bad habits should be broken and avoided by truck drivers to ensure safety on the roads.

Bad habits for drivers to avoid include:

  • Electronic Devices- Never use your electronic devices while driving your vehicle. Phone calls should be made before you begin your travels and any GPS device should be set before you leave. This will help to eliminate unnecessary distractions while driving.
  • Eating and Drinking- Avoid consuming food and beverages while operating your vehicle. It may seem easier to eat on the go, but unforeseen spills could force you to take your attention away from the road, which could then lead to accidents.
  • Alcohol- Never under any circumstances attempt to operate your truck while under the influence of any alcohol, drugs, or medications.
  • Poor Planning- While it may seem like a good idea to go with the flow for a road trip, it is never a good approach when transporting freight. Take the time to plan out your routes and look over traffic and weather reports. Having a plan before entering the road will help your trip run smoothly and without any serious issues.
  • Fatigue- Truck drivers should always receive at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep before going on a trip. While you may feel rested with only 5 or 6 hours, fatigue can set in while you are on the road.


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