Safe Night Travel Tips


While traveling during evening hours is never ideal for truck drivers, it is sometimes unavoidable. When you have no choice but to travel at night, it is important to keep these safe night travel tips in mind. Night travel can become dangerous for a number of reasons, so protecting yourself with nigh travel tips is essential.

  • Ensure the headlights of your vehicle are properly aimed. If your headlights aren’t even or aimed properly, it could potentially make night travel difficult and sight limited.
  • Before you begin your night travel, be sure to dim the lights on your dash. The brightness from your dash could impair your vision and cause reflections on your windshield, making night travel dangerous and difficult.
  • Learn how to spot wildlife along the side of the road by their retinas. The light from your headlights will reflect off of the retinas of the animal before you see the animal itself, causing two small circles to become illuminated. Being able to spot these retinas will help truck drivers become aware of potential wildlife that could dart out in front of their vehicle.
  • Before you begin your night travel, wipe your windshield with a newspaper. While it may seem silly, a newspaper can remove residue on your windshield that could cause dangerous glare during night travel.
  • Never neglect your outside mirrors before night travel. Dirt and residue can cause glares once headlights reach them, making the mirrors more harmful then helpful when driving.


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