Thin-Oil for Virginia Trucking Companies

Oil for a Virginia Trucking Company is the second-most important resource behind trucks.  As what literally keeps business running smoothly, oil is a precious resource that drives a large portion of local and national economies.  So when fuel economy becomes an issue, then companies need to consider changes in order to keep business progressing at a strong pace.


What is Thin-Oil?

Thin-oil is a new type of oil that uses a lower-viscosity formula to improve the flow within the engine systems.  This has the benefit of reducing certain emission categories while improving a truck’s fuel economy.  For Virginia trucking companies, this is incredibly important since the current type of oil is less efficient at higher engine temperatures, which is critical for long-distance driving when the engine is constantly hot.

Development of Thin-Oil

Thin-oil is currently not ready for use.  Still under development, the oil needs to work well enough in high-speed mechanical parts in order to lubricate the motions and reduce metal-on-metal scraping, which damages engines.  In order to do this, it has to be capable of working as well as the current thicker oil.  The fluid is expected to be ready by 2017, but for the sake of better fuel economy sooner, some companies want production of the new oil to be available in 2016.

Are There Other Options

Some other options do exist.  As natural gas becomes a more popular option for providing power, engines using this resource in both gaseous and liquid forms are under development.  However, diesel oil is still more popular and so the use of the current technology is still more prominent.  Oil will likely continue to be more prominent in the near future, meaning that implementing more efficient oils and more efficient engines that use those oils will be a better option for improving fuel economy for the time being.

The difficult part of the process is engaging the needs of all parties involved.  The trucking companies want an oil that is more effective and provides greater fuel efficiency than the current oil, while the thin-oil developers need the time to make sure that the product is correct.  Shareholders want to know that their money is well spent, while consumers want to spend as little money as possible for the shipped products.  Thin-oil has the potential to meet all of these demands.  It just requires a little more time.

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