Truck Driving Safety Tips

truck-drivingFor those not in the truck driving industry, the job may seem like an easy and simple task. However, for those who are within the truck driving industry, the harsh truth is the job requires attention and precision or else it can become quite dangerous. In fact, in 2012 alone, large trucks were involved in at least 300,000 accidents across the nation. In a 2014 publication of Time, truck driving found itself at number 8 within their list of the top 10 most dangerous jobs.

So how can those involved with truck driving stay safe?

  1. Blind Spots- While pedestrian drivers may not know about the blind spots of a truck, it is vital that truck drivers understand their potential blind spots. These blind spots are typically located directly behind the truck, right behind the side mirrors, and to the side of the cab.
  2. Work Zones- Truck driving can become dangerous when going through construction zones, especially if there is a buildup of traffic. Be cautious when traveling through these zones and lower speeds to ensure the safety of all surrounding the construction zone.
  3. Maintenance- Truck driving becomes safer when your truck is well maintained. This means analyzing your vehicle before you begin travel. Be sure to check your tire pressure as well as the fluid levels of your truck. If you notice something out of place, don’t attempt to enter the road.
  4. Smart Loading- How you load your truck can have a serious impact on your road travel. Keep your loads lower with the weight distributed evenly throughout the bed to have a smooth and fuel efficient trip.
  5. Curves- It is important to remember with truck driving that it takes longer for a rig to slow down, especially when taking curves. Never try to attempt a curve at full speed, or else you will risk tipping over.


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