Choosing your Freight Truck

When it comes to choosing the proper freight truck for your shipment, the decision can be a hard one. Not only do some not realize the options they have when choosing a freight truck, they also don’t understand which freight truck is best for their needs. Instead of simply choosing the first freight truck that you  find, be sure to do your homework on your options.

By learning about your freight truck, you are ensuring a safe and successful shipment of your materials.

Freight options

If you’re transporting multiple cars, you’ll need to appear into multi-car, double-level tractor-trailers. These are technically open transport tractor-trailers; however they permit you to hold additional cars over additional distance.  However, they even have their downfall. As a result of carrying such an oversized load, these tractor-trailers are slower and can’t navigate well in residential areas.

If you’re craving for a quicker possibility, consider one-level multi-car trailers. These trailers will carry concerning a pair of or three cars at a time, and though they’re dearer, the driving force will simply navigate through all required areas.

Before you select simply any tractor-trailer for your freight, make sure to try and do your analysis. Raise yourself the queries mentioned higher than, and see what your wants and needs are for your freight cargo. If you’ve got questions about selecting a tractor-trailer for your freight, contact Evan Transportation. We have the staff and fleet needed to provide you with the best freight truck for your needs.

Evan Transportation was founded in 1992 by Jerry Wolfarth, who at the time had over 25 years of experience in the trucking and transportation industry. The initial operation consisted of a few trucks and drivers who were dedicated and professional. The goal of the company was, and remains, to provide excellent, dependable service.

Contact us today for all of your freight shipment needs or call us at 443-673-3365. We will discuss your tractor trailer options for the freight you wish to ship.

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