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Trailer Rentals vs. Trailer Leases: Which is Best for My Fleet?

Thursday, March 18th, 2021
evan transportation trailer rentals

Trailers are a requirement of any hauling fleet. But when do you choose a rental vs a lease?

In the trucking business, client load can change overnight. Businesses and construction sites are constantly ordering new stock or supplies to complete their projects, and they know there is no such thing as a science fiction instant teleporting beam. These clients need a fast and reliable trucking service to make the items they need arrive on time, and that can be done through a quality trucking fleet. But what happens when your trucking fleet doesn’t have enough semi-trailers to be able to complete a job? You must turn to either trailer rentals or trailer leases. Both seem to be similar,  but they are actually fundamentally different processes. This article will explain the differences between trailer rentals and trailer leases to clear up any confusion between the two. (more…)

Choosing your Freight Truck

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

When it comes to choosing the proper freight truck for your shipment, the decision can be a hard one. Not only do some not realize the options they have when choosing a freight truck, they also don’t understand which freight truck is best for their needs. Instead of simply choosing the first freight truck that you  find, be sure to do your homework on your options.

By learning about your freight truck, you are ensuring a safe and successful shipment of your materials.