3 Things To Know Before Beginning CDL Training

Check out three important things to know before beginning CDL training.

Check out three important things to know before beginning CDL training.

Before starting a career in trucking, there are many things that new drivers need to know. CDL training is a crucial part of becoming a trucker, and while obtaining a CDL won’t result in automatically getting hired, it’s important to attend a paid CDL training program. Continue reading for three things new truckers should know before beginning CDL training.

Driving History

A trucking company is looking to hire responsible drivers, so they will take a very close look at your driving history. Most companies have a strict rule of wanting a clean three-year motor vehicle record, which means no speeding tickets or license suspensions. Even though your license was suspended for reasons unrelated to driving, such as not registering your vehicle, it reflects upon your responsibility and shows companies that you may not have what it takes to be a trucker. 

Criminal and Drug/Alcohol Background

A trucking company will also do a background check on your criminal and drug and alcohol background. Felonies matter, especially in a career like truck driving where employees are often on their own and must be trusted 100%. Burglary or theft on your record shows a company that you may not be able to be trusted with company equipment, while DUI’s demonstrate that you could injure others while on the road. A truck driver with a DUI or drug history will require high insurance, so companies will limit how many DUI’s or felonies they will accept- if any.

Medical History

Truck drivers have the responsibility for keeping themselves and others on the road safe, so every applicant should expect to reveal all medications and treatments they have received in the past or are currently taking. Most companies will also want at least 30 days of stability regarding conditions such as blood pressure and sleep apnea. Keep in mind that the medications that the DOT allows and what a company allows may be different, as companies can set their own standards for physicals. Trucking companies take the health of their drivers very seriously, and they may not accept every medication. 

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