5 Essential Rookie Driver Tips To Know

Learn about 5 essential driver tips all rookies should know.

Learn about 5 essential driver tips all rookies should know.

When starting any new career, there is always a learning curve to get used to a new lifestyle. A career in trucking comes with a very different lifestyle, and many new drivers find that the job is much tougher than they thought. Continue reading for five essential rookie driver tips all new truckers should know to have a successful career.

Talk To Your Dispatcher

Some new drivers tend to be distant with their dispatcher, but it’s crucial to have a good relationship. Ask them about their day, discuss weekend plans, and other conversation topics to build a genuine connection!

Healthy Diet and Exercise

Because of their lifestyle and how many hours spent on the road, truckers are at risk for poor health due to minimal exercise and bad diets. It’s important for rookie drivers to know how to stay healthy while on the road by exercising for at least a few minutes every day and eating fruits and vegetables. Many drivers recommend packing your own food and bringing some appliances, such as a crockpot, to make home-cooked meals and save money.

Don’t Refuse A Load

New truckers will learn very quickly that it takes a lot of dedication to excel in their career. Don’t be quick to turn down driving opportunities- if you refuse a load, it can show a lack of motivation and work ethic. While you also shouldn’t feel overworked and strung out, truckers must be motivated to follow through with driving opportunities.

Hard Work Pays Off

Remember that all of your hard work and dedication will be worth it! When on the road, you get what you give, so if you are only giving 50% effort, you won’t get many rewards. However, if you put in the extra effort to be a great driving, you’ll be rewarded and feel valued by your company.

Safety > Time

Trucking is a dangerous career, and it’s always more important to arrive safely than not at all. Although it’s great to be early, don’t speed through traffic to get to your destination quicker. It is a trucker’s job to keep themselves and others on the road safe at all costs, even if it means being a little late.

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