4 Tips For Preventing Trucking Workplace Injuries

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Check out these four tips for preventing trucking workplace injuries.

Trucking can be a hazardous job- and not just because of driving accidents. Trucking fleets know how crucial it is to minimize and prevent risks while on the road, but there are also plenty of risks before a driver even puts the truck in gear. Continue reading for four essential tips on how to prevent workplace injuries.

Invest In Shoes

Truckers climb in and out of cabs and walk around shipping yards every day, so it is crucial that their feet are as protected as possible. Slip and fall injuries are one of the industry’s most overlooked threat to drivers’ health and wellbeing, as they can cause serious injuries. The right footwear is the best place to start for preventing trips and slips. Investing in steel-toes, ANSI-certified safety shoes is the best way to protect your feet as a trucker and minimize risk.

No Jumping

Some drivers have the habit of jumping from the back of their trailer or cab, but this can be very dangerous, especially when done over a long period of time. Although it looks like a short distance, each jump puts more pressure on your body, and your joints and lower back end up absorbing most of the impact. As you age, putting unnecessary stress on your joints will catch up with you and result in various injuries. There is also always a risk of jumping and landing on your foot or ankle the wrong way and causing immediate damage.

Slippery Surface

A good pair of shoes is not only important for avoiding feet injuries, but they are also crucial for staying safe slippery conditions. Whether the surface is covered in rainwater, ice, or oil and grease, a quality pair of safety shoes will help to avoid painful slip and fall accidents. Truckers should always be aware of the condition around them, but fleet managers should also have a policy in place for keeping the site clean or fuel and oil spills to prevent injuries.


While this may seem like a simple tip, not enough truckers follow the advice and end up trying to climb with items in their hands. When climbing in and out of the truck (without jumping,) it can be difficult to hand on to handles if you have your phone or tools in your hand. A simple solution is to use safety vests with deep pockets to hold all essential items and allow you to move around hands-free. 

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