Truckers Make a Difference!

Truckers Make a Difference!

Truckers matter! Here’s all about the importance of truckers.

Truckers make a difference in people’s lives! Even though we do not necessarily deal with truckers directly or outsource their services every day, we still feel the benefits of their dedicated work in many other ways. What is the importance of truckers in the United States? 

Truckers Transport Over 70% of U.S. Goods

Many businesses in the United States need truckers to transport products from the manufacturing site to the warehouse and to the retail shelves or direct customers. Without anyone to carry these deliveries, these businesses wouldn’t be able to make a living. Truckers transport over 70% of all U.S. goods, more than helping the economy run and people to get their products.

Truckers Generate 80.7% of the Nation’s Freight Revenue

Truckers don’t just help U.S. citizens and the country meet their needs; they also generate over 80% of the revenue on the national freight bill. If they stopped trucking, it would spell devastating news for national economic prosperity.

Truckers Take In and Deliver International Goods

Truckers don’t just operate within the nation’s borders, also many do. Some truck companies, like Evan Transportation, also help companies do business internationally. A truck is the first mode of transport and the last. It is the ultimate conveyor of goods from the port, railhead, or airport to the final destination and vice versa. 

Most Trucking Companies Are Small Businesses

According to American Trucking Associations, over 95% of trucking companies have 10 or fewer trucks, and 99.7% of them have 100 or fewer trucks. Some are freelancers, getting jobs from job boards and other sources. Most trucking companies are small businesses, which are vital to a healthy economy.

Truckers Transport Goods from Many Industries

They transport anything from fresh produce to laboratory specimens. They transport alcohol, tractor trailers, construction supplies, raw goods, hazardous goods, and anything else, like stationery. There isn’t a limit to what a trucker can haul, unless it is way too big, of course.

Support Your Local Truckers!

Truckers are your friends. Although their deliveries may happen behind the scenes, they are why you have access to thousands of goods, including food and beverages. A powerful network of small businesses, truckers make a difference.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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