Carrying Capacities of Flatbed Trucks

Carrying Capacities of Flatbed Trucks

How much weight can a flatbed truck hold? Find out that and more!

Flatbed trucks help businesses transport extremely heavy or oddly-shaped cargo via the highways. Unlike semi-trucks, they let loads sit in the open air. If your business needs to ship heavy cargo of unusual shapes, you may wonder about the carrying capacities of flatbed trucks. Here, we shall go over their carrying capacities as well as all that they can do for you. If you have any questions or would like a quote for flatbed truck shipping in Maryland, please get in touch with Evan Transportation!

What Are the Carrying Capacities of Flatbed Trucks?

Flatbed trucks typically carry loads that are up to 48,000 pounds, a similar weight to fire engines, small planes, and the world’s largest gluten-free pizza. Heavy-duty models carry 80,000-pound loads. Heavier than that, you will likely need a permit to transport it. If you know the weight of your freight and think it might be the right candidate for flatbed truck shipping, keep reading.

Types of Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks actually vary. Some let the cargo sit on the bed freely, and others strap the cargo down to the bed. The main types of flatbed trucks include:

  • Standard/Regular: Carries regular loads suitable for flatbed trucks
  • Heavy-duty: Carries loads that can be heavier and larger than regular loads
  • Step-up: Helps transport taller freight
  • Lowboy: The very low flatbed of the lowboy is suitable for oversized and heavy loads

For more information about which type of flatbed truck would be best for your cargo, you can ask Evan! You can trust your reliable trucking company to choose the right vehicle for your needs.

Benefits of Flatbed Trucks

What do flatbeds have to offer that semis don’t?

  1. Flexibility: Their open-air-style transportation lets you haul oddly shaped objects that won’t fit the confines of a box.
  2. Accessibility: Truckers can access the load from all sides to ensure its safe travels.
  3. Easy loading and unloading: They are relatively simple to load and unload.
  4. Safety features: You can’t strap down cargo in a semi, but you can with the right flatbed truck.

Flatbed Truck Applications

Do you still need to figure out if your business calls for flatbed truck shipping? If your cargo falls into one of these categories, it might be a great candidate!

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