Same-Day Delivery Trucking Services

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For same-day commercial truck shipping in Maryland, call Evan Transportation!

Amazon Prime can offer same-day deliveries, as can FedEx when you pay extra, but Evan Transportation can give you same-day deliveries for your business. Whether you are shipping loads to construction sites, grocery stores, labs, or direct customers, Evan Transportation is here to give you the most efficient transportation services in Maryland.

We Do Same-Day Deliveries in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Evan Transportation provides same-day deliveries in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. It only takes a few hours to travel between Maryland and another state in this region, and Evan Transportation is here to make sure your loads get to their destinations safely and on schedule. Evan has long-standing relationships with many of its customers, being the third-party trucking company that transports loads reliably. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Trucking Services

Why choose a third-party transportation company for your business rather than in-house? In-house trucking involves having enough capital to invest in a sufficient number of branded trucks, maintaining those trucks, and hiring and training CDL truck drivers. 

With outsourced trucking services, you don’t have to put in that enormous effort and money upfront. Your third-party source has all the equipment, know-how, logistics, and drivers ready to go just for you. You have your business and work to focus on; let Evan Transportation take care of other services that are integral to your business but taking time away from what you need to focus on.

Ultimately, outsourcing services saves money while drawing upon the professional skills and equipment of another group. Let us take care of the shipping while you focus on the product and your customers!

Types of Loads We Deliver

At Evan Transportation, we deliver a wide range of freight categories, including the following:

  • Construction materials
  • General commodities
  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Laboratory specimens
  • Hazardous materials
  • Oversized loads
  • And much, much more

There are various freight classifications, which can affect pricing. Evan Transportation is happy to walk you through our services and pricing and give you a quote. We also offer A1 trailer and mobile storage container rentals

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Evan Transportation for trucking services locally in Maryland or regionally in the Mid-Atlantic. We can transport your freight within the area or to a local railhead, port, or airport for more distant travels as well.

For All Your Trucking Needs

Follow us here at Evan Transportation to get more updates on driving tips and the trucking industry. Evan Transportation provides trucking and transportation services for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. All of our drivers and staff are offered competitive salaries and benefits and are guaranteed to be home every day. Interested in finding out more? Visit us online or give us a call at 443-673-3365. For even more information, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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