What to Expect with an Outsourced Trucking Company

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What can you expect when working with an outsourced trucking company? Learn here.

It is a big question: outsource or purchase and maintain? When the item in question is one semi-truck or more, it is worth taking your time to calculate all the pros and cons of outsourcing a trucking company vs. hiring your own private fleet. Stay tuned for the benefits of using an outsourced trucking company, along with a third option for your trucking strategy. 

Benefits of Using an Outsourced Trucking Company


A good trucking company will allow you to scale your truck shipping needs as you need them whenever you want. You will have access to the different kinds of truck shipping you need, from semi-trucks to flatbeds to specialty trucks. You can find all those options available at Evan Transportation in the Mid-Atlantic region.


Going to a reliable, local trucking company gives you a resource with built-in knowledge, experience, and resources that you don’t have. The upfront cost of gaining all the industry knowledge, team, and equipment is a lot more than seeking services from a company that has all that behind them, ready for you.


Pay for only what you need; expect consistency in paying for only the set rate given the distance traveled. You are not in control of what the trucking company charges, but you can expect to only pay for what you outsourced and no more. If you own your own fleet, you will still need to pay for the trucks’ maintenance and your drivers. 

Specialized Trucking Services

Take advantage of specialized trucking services like refrigerated shipping, hazardous goods shipping, oversized load shipping, and more. If you have unusual loads to transport that need specialized care, then you can outsource these needs to companies that specialize in it.

A Third Option

Some companies choose to manage their own private fleet, knowing the upfront costs and ongoing responsibilities toward the equipment and team. Others see the value of using an outsourced service from a trucking company with a great reputation in the industry. 

The third option is to use both. You could maintain a private fleet that serves your routine trucking needs and outsource specialized services, whether they are routine or occasional. Whichever solution works best for you, Evan Transportation is ready to hear from you in Maryland.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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