How Truckers Drive Long Distances

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How do truck drivers stay behind the wheel for hours on end? See here!

Truckers drive for very long hours, especially ones that drive across the country. Even regional and local truckers spend their days mostly on the road. How do they do it? Do you ever get tired of it? Vacations are a part of the deal, but truckers also know how to keep alert on the road like a runner knows how to finish a marathon. See how truckers drive long distances below!

How Far Truckers Can Drive in a Day

A truck driver can drive up to 11 hours a day, with the possibility of driving 650 miles in one day. Regional truckers can drive within a 1,000-mile radius of their base, which is quite far if you think about it. The state of Maryland is about 255 miles wide, taking an average of four hours to cross end to end. How does a trucker keep alert on the road locally, regionally, or nationally?

How Truckers Drive Long Distances

A Driving Desire

Every trucker has a driving desire that keeps them on the road or draws them to it. The good pay is one motive. Another is a desire to travel. Every trucker must be driven to excel in their job for one reason or another to do it excellently.

Enjoyment of the Road

Part of the motivation to be a trucker may be the work environment. Trucking is often a solitary career, similar to remote work, except that you are traveling the highways and byways. Truckers also enjoy being on the road; they have a knack for wielding a semi-truck and love the scenery of the road.

Ergonomic Seating

Driving for long periods takes a physical toll, like sore behinds and aching backs. Those issues aren’t present with ergonomic seating. Semi-trucks should have comfortable seating to aid the trucker’s sedentary job.

Good Planning

Planning the route and driving schedule well will help a driver take on the roads with a lot more ease. There will be a much lower risk of frustration or stress, which physically wears a person down.

Keeping Up with Health

Truckers find ways to keep up their physical health. Everything affects our physical health, including family life, social life, mental health, diet, exercise, and sleep schedule. Like with all other professionals, truckers need to maintain health in all areas to thrive.

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