Benefits of Hiring Local Trucking Services

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Hire your trucking services locally! It’s worth it.

Did you know that there are three types of trucking? One is OTR (over-the-road) trucking, which is cross-country. Another is regional, and a third is local. Evan Transportation serves many industries with local and regional trucking services. If you’re in Maryland, here are the benefits of hiring local trucking services you will want to know!

A Company That Knows the Area

It’s best to work with an independent, local trucking company for the expertise they have. No trucking company will know the local roads better than them! A company that knows all the routes will be able to navigate all the turns, shifts, and twists needed on the highways and byways, and in Maryland, there are certainly plenty! This knowledge will make for more efficient deliveries, especially in foul weather.

Personalized Customer Service

Local companies also have the advantage of giving their customers more attention and personalized customer service. Not all smaller, local companies do this, but they have the capacity to offer much better customer service than giant, national businesses. They will be able to customize your delivery needs with a lot more flexibility. You can expect a lot more attention to detail and care for your deliveries.

Take Care of Your Local Shipping Needs

Some deliveries only need to be done locally, which is why there are local trucking companies. If you only need local shipping, choose a trucking company that is local and provides just that service. Whether you need a one-time delivery or a trusted partner that will be with you for as long as your business operates, choosing a company based where you live is the best, most efficient option.

Find All Kinds of Trucking Services with Evan!

You can find all that you need for your local deliveries with Evan Transportation! We are a regional and local trucking company that transports freight between destinations in Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic. We also can pick up or drop off loads at railheads, shipping ports, and airports. 

What’s more, we carry all kinds of goods for many industries. Aside from typical loads, we also transport hazardous goods, refrigerated goods, oversized loads, and much more. Contact us for more details! We look forward to transporting freight for your local Maryland business.

For All Your Trucking Needs

Follow us here at Evan Transportation to get more updates on driving tips and the trucking industry. Evan Transportation provides trucking and transportation services for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. All of our drivers and staff are offered competitive salaries and benefits and are guaranteed to be home every day. Interested in finding out more? Visit us online or give us a call at 443-673-3365. For even more information, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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