What to Store in a Mobile Storage Container

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What exactly can you store in one of these? Let’s find out.

Your business might have some inventory that needs to be stored at your business location. The problem is that you don’t have enough space in your building to store everything. You have heard of mobile storage containers, but what is safe to store in one, especially if it is not temperature-controlled? Here’s a brief list of what to store in a mobile storage container and what items need climate-controlled storage.

What Can You Store in a Mobile Storage Container?

Building Supplies

Any raw building supplies you have for a construction project are fair game for putting into a mobile storage container. Lumber, vinyl, aluminum, brick, stone, and other supplies are safe to store without temperature control, especially since they can withstand the outdoors.

Construction Tools

Construction tools are also good for storing in a mobile storage container. If you are managing a construction project or selling construction tools and supplies, mobile storage containers are perfect for overflow storage. Construction supplies and tools are durable enough to withstand high heat and dire cold.


Fabrics are more in danger if they get wet; the worst that can happen is that they get moldy or eaten by insects. However, if you keep fabrics and clothing in waterproof containers, they are unlikely to come to any harm if you store them without temperature control.

Outdoor Decor and Furniture

Some items are designed for outdoor use and others for indoor use. Anything you can use outdoors is safe for non-temperature-controlled storage spaces, including outdoor decorations and furniture. You can keep seasonal decorations and outdoor furniture for sale here.

What Items Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

If you have any of these items to store, you will be much better off renting out climate-controlled mobile storage containers or climate-controlled public storage:

  • Furniture
  • Electronic devices (which can overheat)
  • Musical instruments
  • Paper documents and supplies

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