Tips for Transporting Alcohol via Trucking

Tips for Transporting Alcohol via Trucking

Evan Transportation’s got you covered for your alcohol shipping needs!

Are you looking to buy alcohol in bulk and ship it to your commercial location? You may be starting a liquor store or a restaurant that includes retail liquor. You likely are in the midst of planning the logistics for your business’s alcohol supply. Otherwise, you might be a brewer, distiller, or vintner looking to ship to different businesses and stores. Thankfully, you can discover what you need to know with Evan Transportation. Evan Transportation offers these tips for transporting alcohol via trucking in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Knowing the Laws on Transporting Alcohol in Trucking

Although the shipment method is certainly important, knowing the laws on transporting alcohol via trucking takes up the majority of a purchaser’s concern. You don’t want to miss a state law accidentally while transporting your alcohol. 

About half of the lower 48 states require a license or permit to transport alcohol. Maryland is one of them. Be aware of the laws that are in your state and the state you want to ship your alcohol to; for instance, the laws regarding alcohol transportation could be different between Maryland and Pennsylvania. In Maryland, you need a permit to ship alcohol within, from, to, and through the state, but in Pennsylvania, you need an annual permit for all but the last. It is best to be as thorough in your research as possible regarding alcohol transportation laws.

Flexibility Is Key

Even so, it is essential to recognize that the laws may change more than once, so staying flexible is necessary to follow them. Aside from laws, other factors naturally affect the logistics of shipping alcohol and other products. With changes in the economy and, potentially, harvest yields, flexibility is crucial for managing transportation logistics.

Methods of Transporting Liquids

You might also find some methods for transporting alcohol to be better than others for your particular products. Common methods of liquid transportation include:

  • Tanker shipping
  • Flatbed shipping
  • Temperature-controlled shipping
  • Iso-tank shipping
  • Flexi-tank shipping
  • Bulk shipping

Find a Trucking Company That Specializes in Alcohol Transportation

Evan Transportation knows the ins and outs of transporting alcohol, general commodities, and many other products. If you have any questions about our trucking service in the Mid-Atlantic region, please feel free to ask!

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