Full, Volume, Partial, and Less Than Truckload Shipping

Full, Volume, Partial, and Less Than Truckload Shipping

Are you familiar with the different freight networks available? Learn about LTL and full truckload shipping here.

Freight shipping is more complex than meets the eye. It involves multiple networks of trucks and different freight classifications. If you are a business that needs to figure out how to set up truckload shipping for anything from paper products to refrigerated specimens, Evan Transportation has a solution for you. Briefly, you can learn the terms of full, volume, partial, and less than truckload shipping.

Full Truckload Shipping

Full truckload shipping is one broader category of freight shipping. You can purchase the entire square footage of one semi truck or more to transport your goods directly to the delivery location. It is ideal if you do need an entire semi truck for all your freight or if the delivery schedule is time-sensitive.

Volume LTL Shipping

Volume less than truckload shipping is within the category of less than truckload shipping, also known as LTL. LTL is a network that ships multiple parties’ shipments in the same truck. Volume LTL refers roughly to shipments that fill between a quarter and half of the truck bed. Meanwhile, standard LTL shipments take up to a quarter of the total space. 

Partial Truckload Shipping

Partial truckload shipping is within the full truckload shipping network. They are larger than VLTLs, but do not fill the whole truck, as the name would imply. They are more likely to run straight to the delivery site and do not need a freight classification to ship. 

Less Than Truckload Shipping

LTL shipping is a network different from full truckload shipping, as mentioned previously. An analogy would be this: LTL shipping is like taking the bus for freight, while full truckload shipping is like Uber or a taxi for freight. One assumes that multiple individuals or businesses will share truckloads, while the other is an individual service. 

With LTL, you only pay for the space that your freight takes up. It is more likely to have multiple stops, which means more handling for standard LTL loads and a slower delivery time. Even so, it can help businesses save money, find extra space in trucks for their goods, and keep larger shipments on the same truck.

A Shipping Solution for All

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