Evan’s Temperature Controlled Deliveries

Evan’s Temperature Controlled Deliveries

Need temperature-controlled shipping? Evan Transportation can deliver!

Pharmaceuticals and fresh produce are two of the most common goods that need temperature controlled logistics. If certain medicines fall above or below a narrow temperature range, they can be rendered useless. If fresh produce like milk, meat, and vegetables fail to stay in good condition, it will result in very unhappy grocery shoppers. Evan Transportation’s temperature controlled deliveries make it possible for your Mid-Atlantic business to transport such items safely.

A Regional Trucking Company

Evan Transportation is a trucking company regional to the Mid-Atlantic. Our area of coverage spans from Pennsylvania to Virginia and New Jersey to West Virginia. Whether you need to ship temperature-controlled freight within your state or between states, we have the resources and experience to ensure your products arrive on time and intact.

Evan’s Temperature Control Deliveries

Choosing a trucking company and executing the delivery requires taking many factors into consideration. 

National Guidelines

The process of shipping these goods must adhere to federal guidelines that are especially strict concerning pharmaceuticals. Nevertheless, your trucking company must be able to keep them within the “cold chain,” the temperature range allowed for those medicines. It is best for each company to know the regulations before transporting.


The truck drivers must be able to determine the quickest delivery route and account for uncontrollable factors like the weather and heavy traffic. From fall through spring, it is less likely you will have trouble with extremely hot weather, but in the summer, we can still transport your temperature-controlled freight without a glitch.

The Truck

The temperature-controlled truck must position its freight as far away from the bay doors as possible, have proper airflow, maintain correct temperature and humidity levels, have adequate temperature controls, and have monitoring methods. Temperature-controlled trucks should have backup temperature controls in case something goes wrong with the ones in use. With the layers of insulation and refrigeration within this vehicle, you will not be able to ship as many items at once as you might with a non-temperature-controlled vehicle.


The ride on the truck itself is not the only part of the trip to consider for your fresh produce or sensitive pharmaceuticals. Packaging of the materials, shipping to the pickup location, loading onto the truck, and unloading are other steps that need careful planning. When you need a trucking company to deliver your fresh products regionally, Evan Transportation will be ready for your call.

For All Your Trucking Needs

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