What Does TWIC Certified Mean?

What Does TWIC Certified Mean?

What does a TWIC certification mean for truck drivers? See below.

At Evan Transportation, we serve multiple industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, and wholesaling to help them deliver freight throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. All of our truck drivers have their TWIC certification, which could be a helpful asset when delivering or picking up freight for your business. What exactly does TWIC certified mean, though? Find out here!

TWIC Certified Defined

A TWIC certification is a Transportation Worker Identification Credential, and each recipient has a TWIC card. The TWIC cards are issued by the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to those who qualify and apply. To qualify, one must be a legally-recognized citizen or a refugee, asylee, or nonimmigrant alien. One must also fill out the information on the form totally and bring proper documentation of identity and citizenship status.

Who Needs a TWIC Card?

The two types of truck drivers that would benefit from applying for TWIC certification would be new truck drivers looking to get into the field and experienced truck drivers that are looking to work in maritime-related arenas. A new driver can bulk up on their credentials early on by getting this card, and an older driver can expand his horizons of work.

Importance of TWIC Certified Drivers

The primary reason that truck drivers and those who hire them benefit from TWIC certification is that the truckers can enter maritime and maritime-related properties. Without the card, the drivers delivering or picking up freight will have to pay to enter every time and will have security personnel with them the entire time. TWIC certified drivers do not have to pay and do not need constant, in-person surveillance. This card saves drivers and the companies hauling the freight time and money. The TWIC card is a federal card, so a TWIC certified truck driver can also use this form of identification to board a plane. 

In the Mid-Atlantic region, there is a chance that your business will need to take freight to and from the nearest ports, boats, and other areas. As Evan Transportation is located in Baltimore, Maryland, we are located in one of the largest port cities in the United States. Should your manufacturing, warehousing, or wholesaling company need reliable truck drivers to take freight to and from ports in the Mid-Atlantic, our drivers have the TWIC certification to do it.

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