OTR vs. Regional vs. Local Trucking

OTR vs. Regional vs. Local Trucking

You may have heard the terms of OTR, regional, and local trucking. Here are the differences.

Within the trucking industry, there are so many different types of trucks in use in the industry that most everyday people are not aware of. However, understanding the nuances and differences among OTR (over the road), regional, and local trucking can help guide you as you embark on your new trucking career. The reality is, while all of these are different, there are some similarities as well. Just like most driving jobs, CDL truck drivers will usually help load and unload the freight. Here are the key nuances associated with OTR, regional, and local trucking overall.

OTR Trucking

Over the road trucking is quite common. These truck drivers typically haul freight over long distances. Most OTR freights or hauls will often find truck drivers spending three to four weeks on the road. Ultimately, OTR drivers can find themselves driving all across the United States and possibly Canada as well. 

Understanding Regional Trucking

There is no denying that regional trucking can often be the easiest and simplest to understand. Regional trucking simply refers to the part of the country where a driver will move goods and materials. The regions are traditionally broken up into areas like the Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, and West, among others. In Maryland, we are part of the Mid-Atlantic region. Ultimately, the format of regional trucking is roughly the same as OTR — with one clear caveat — regional trucking tends to coincide with weekends creating a significant appeal for many looking to settle into a stable trucking career.

Understanding Local Trucking

Local trucking is often better suited for truckers who desire to be home every night — providing a bit more work-life balance to truck drivers. Local trucking can be beneficial for people who prioritize staying home with family or do not want to do the long hours of regional or OTR trucking. All routes for local trucking are usually all within a 200-mile radius. Ultimately, opting for local trucking jobs can provide truck drivers with a career that allows them the availability to be home with their family night after night. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, a trucking career can vary from trucker to trucker. It all depends on the type of trucking industry they are in — from OTR and regional trucking to local trucking as well. 

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