Where Do Truckers Sleep?

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Where do truckers sleep at night? It turns out, many places.

Truck drivers live in a different world and yet in the same exact world as the rest of us. Their world is on the road and unsuspecting locations along the highways and byways. Their stops are at warehouses, docks, customer centers, and much more. Depending on the type of work, it can be days before a truck driver sees home again. On the road, they make their homes. Where do truckers sleep? 

What Kind of Trucker Is It?

As mentioned, the answer to “Where do truckers sleep” depends on the type of work they do. In other words, what kind of trucking do they do? The three classifications are local, regional, and OTR (over the road.) Local truckers are the least likely to need to stay anywhere overnight outside their home, but regional and OTR truckers are far more likely to sleep abroad, such as in the accommodations below.


If the driver is regional or local and drives a day cab, he will need to check into a motel to sleep. It is not permitted for truck drivers to sleep in their day cab, which has no formal bed. A hotel is more expensive than a motel, which is why a motel is the preferred option.

Sleeper Cabs

The other option is to sleep in the truck’s sleeper cabin. A trucking company will provide a regional or OTR trucker with a semi that has a sleeper cab so they have built-in accommodations. A sleeper cab has at least one bed, storage for clothes, and room for a mini fridge and microwave oven. Fancier versions have a table, built-in seating, and a full bathroom. Most do not have a toilet or shower due to space and weight limitations.

Rest Areas, Truck Stops, Company Terminals

Where do semi-trucks with sleeper cabs park at night? There are more options than meets the eye. Rest areas are one option, but only in some states. Because of the public accessibility, poor lighting, and safety issues with public roadside rest stops, some states (including Virginia) prohibit overnight truck parking. Maryland and several others allow parking for 2-4 hours. 

However, truckers can find refuge at truck stops, also known as travel plazas. Some truck stops are run by national chain companies. There, truckers can find decent food and restrooms. Some companies have terminals at which truckers can park also.


Of course, not all truckers sleep abroad. Where do truckers sleep? Plenty come home every night and sleep in their own bed, just like everyone else.

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