What Does the Inside of a Semi-Truck Look Like?

What Does the Inside of a Semi-Truck Look Like?

The inside of a semi-truck has everything a trucker needs for life on the road.

Ever wonder what the inside of a semi-truck looks like? There is a lot more than meets the eye, sometimes more than you might imagine! The trucking field is a hard-working one, faithfully taking supplies for construction, warehousing, and other companies from city to city and state to state. The vehicles they use to haul the trailers contain all the amenities they need to complete their missions safely and on time.

Conventional Day Cab

There are more or less two main types of semi-trucks. The only differentiating factor is whether it has a sleeper cabin or not. A semi-truck without a sleeper is called a conventional day cab, or just a day cab. One can spot a day cab semi-truck because of the shortened head, with room enough just for the driver and passenger’s seats.

The Front

At the front of the truck, the driver’s side has all the controls and gauges that a car would have. It also has a digital screen that allows truckers to track their time and their workload. In the center front are multiple controls, including brakes, outlets, and a connection for a CB radio. One has plenty of overhead storage and cupholders.

Behind the Passenger’s Seat

Behind the passenger’s seat are several amenities for comfortable living on the road. In many models, you can find a minifridge at the bottom, a storage drawer above, a mount for a flatscreen TV, and overhead, a shelf for a microwave oven.

In the Back

In the back of the sleeper, you will find a bed with overhead storage. On either end of the bed are windows with shades or covers, and some might also have a reading light. In some semi-trucks, the passenger’s seat can swivel around, and a pull-out table serves as a table between the bed and the seat.

Behind the Driver’s Seat

Behind the driver’s seat, one will find more storage compartments. Some might have a pull-out table on this side to serve as a desk. This storage has enough room for a wardrobe. 

Extended Sleepers

While the above description applies to many semi-trucks, some have extended sleepers that are truly luxurious. They come complete with a compact bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, a dining area, and a sleeping area. 

For All Your Trucking Needs

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