All About Semi-Trucks and What You’ll Need to Know

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Semi-trucks are a staple of American highways, and also keep the economy afloat.

If you are a truck driver, chances are you will be driving semi-trucks. After all, they are the most common vehicle type that truck drivers drive due to their large size, durability, and weight capacity on the road. But no two types of semi-trucks are alike, and it’s important for truck drivers to know the difference before choosing their own personal favorite type to drive. Here are a few of the most common types of semi-trucks truck drivers will often be operating and the similarities and differences between them.

18-Wheeler Semi-Trucks

18-wheeler semi-trucks quite literally maintain the backbone of America’s economy and logistics. You’ll see them all over highways, as they are constantly on the move, delivering anything and everything, such as gasoline, produce, and even livestock in their trailers. 18-wheelers get their name from the standard size of the trailers combined with the truck having nine wheels on each side, totaling 18 wheels. However, these types of semi-trucks can actually haul more or less than that if needed. They can haul up to 80,000 pounds depending on the rig set up and generally can maintain speeds up to 68 MPH. 

The next sections will include some more specific types of trucks, such as brands and models!

Kenworth Semi-Trucks

Kenworth semi-trucks are just about the classiest type of truck a truck driver can use. They are known for their excellent quality, great gas mileage and fuel consumption rate, elegance, and ease to drive. Kenworth semi-trucks are also known for their smooth rides as compared to other truck brands. Kenworth trucks are the equivalent of a luxury class car for truck driving. 

Peterbilt Semi-Trucks

When a regular person thinks of a semi-truck or 18-wheeler, they probably first think of Peterbilt. Peterbilt trucks are probably the most iconic trucks in American history. The older models had a very distinct long and low look, and to this day, Peterbilt trucks remain one of the top sellers in the used truck industry. Even to this day, Peterbilt continues to manufacture some of the greatest tracks on the market, known for their signature look and ease to drive. 


Freightliners are a very popular choice for trucking fleets due to their low financial cost. These trucks are very reliable and are great for purchasing or renting in bulk for huge fleets or companies. One great feature of Freightliner semi-trucks is their economical approach to repairs. Freightliners do not have nearly as many complex features as Peterbilts or Kenworth trucks, meaning that they are nowhere near as expensive to repair. 

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