How to Coach Your Trucking Fleet Team

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A trucking fleet all works under one common goal, so why not try some team-building techniques?

As a manager of a trucking fleet, you want your employees to feel welcomed and confident in their ability to perform. Even though trucking fleet drivers spend most of their working days off on their own on countless roads across the American landscape, there is still a sense of community between all drivers. Therefore, it is very important to be a manager who is supportive of your employees and desires to see them grow and develop in their careers. So, compare yourself to a sports coach, and think of your trucking fleet as your team. Here’s how you can coach your trucking fleet team and develop their career potential as truck drivers. 

Set Workable Goals

No employee should be working aimlessly or feeling that they are in a dead-end job– there is nothing worse for reliability. By setting reasonable goals for your trucking fleet team, you are encouraging better work ethic as well as employees with something to strive for. Pro tip: don’t give concrete deadlines for goals, as this can stress some employees out. Instead, give them a relative completion time range, and most importantly, don’t threaten.

Stay Organized

Being a trucking fleet team leader means that you should know the basics of just about every team member and place them in an area where you know they can show off their full potential. Keeping your team organized with schedules and lists can help achieve this.

Maintain Good Communication

Make sure to thoroughly communicate any thoughts or ideas to your employees– one huge reason for conflict in the workplace is poor communication. Making sure you are honest, clear, and concise about your goals and employee job performance is the best way to make your trucking fleet feel welcomed and desired by the company. Clarity is key, along with constructive, detailed criticisms when needed. 

Learn Trucking Fleet Statistics

In sports, team statistics play an important role in determining problem areas and areas of expertise. Praise your trucking fleet employees for their strengths, such as great on-time arrival rates. But also don’t neglect to inform them of the areas that need work. An important part of this step is not to focus too much on the negatives since this can make your trucking fleet employees feel undervalued. 

Take a Proactive Approach

Sometimes, becoming a good coach just isn’t natural for all employers. Make sure to always be looking at managing with an open mind as a trucking fleet manager by taking coaching classes or reading tutorial books. 

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