How Your Trucking Fleet Can Improve Its Fuel Economy

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Reducing fuel consumption is a must have for any trucking fleet to stay as economical as possible.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and other factors, gasoline and fuels, especially diesel fuels, have been going up in price recently. This is a hindrance to any trucking fleet since they are now more expensive to maintain and keep on the move. While truck manufacturing companies are hard at work trying to maintain the best fuel economy possible per truck to conserve money and the environment, much research and development have been put on hold due to the pandemic. And with not as many people on the road, it makes sense for gas prices to be at a premium for providers to keep up with the normally required profit to stay afloat. When looking for trucks to add to a trucking fleet, most fleet owners say that they look especially for trucks that have a good fuel economy. But what exactly can trucking fleets do as a whole to keep the fuel economy at its best rate? Read to find out.

Trim Down Those Empty Miles

Empty miles refer to when a trucking fleet or singular truck has successfully carried its cargo to the destination and is now returning cargoless to the storage hub or place of rental. However, this means that the truck is not carrying anything useful during this period, which can be considered wasteful of fuel and not the best economic decision. Trimming down just 1% of empty miles per truck can save around 100 gallons of fuel over time. This number may not seem significant in terms of fuel when comparing to regular truck fuel intake, but that number can add up when it comes to finances, especially when managing multiple trucks in a trucking fleet. 

Reduce Idle Times

Every truck driver knows the pain of sitting in traffic for hours on end. Not only is it mind-numbingly boring, but the impact of traffic jams on the environment and your gas tank is really something else. One way to help is if you notice a really long backup, to actually just power off completely, so you aren’t burning any gas unless you need to. Giving this advice to your whole trucking fleet can save hundreds of dollars (and trips to gas stations) a year!

Choose an Aerodynamic Truck

Trucks nowadays are no longer blocky and bulky but are meant to naturally conform to the air they drive through. This allows for much smoother and more comfortable rides, both for the driver and the truck’s structure itself. By updating your trucking fleet to an aerodynamic design, you can improve fuel and drive time efficiency. 

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