How Truck Drivers Can Keep Themselves Safe

evan transportation truck drivers safety

Truck drivers never know who might be lurking at a trucking rest stop.

Many truck drivers work an all-around schedule, meaning that sometimes they might be working at very late hours at night. Because nighttime is so dark, this, unfortunately, means that criminals are willing to use it to their advantage. Truck drivers are often prime targets for these crooks because they are out late at night, often alone, and sometimes unfamiliar with the area. Therefore it is required for truck drivers to not only know how to handle a dangerous situation but also how to protect themselves from harm. Here is a guide on how truck drivers can defend themselves when facing potential attacks from criminals.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

As mentioned earlier, truck drivers often are stopped in places to sleep overnight or rest that they are not familiar with. Therefore, it’s very important to make sure you are well aware of your surroundings at all times. Make sure to park in a very well-lit area so you can be aware of any possible danger. When walking to and from the truck to a rest stop or other area, make sure you are constantly doing head checks to see who or what is around you. If you notice any suspicious figures, make sure to let them know you have seen them and move to a populated area as soon as possible. This may deter some criminals from attacking.

Avoid Walking Between Trailers

When walking between two trucks or tractor-trailers at night, this can create a blind spot from security cameras or overhead light sources. Anyone could be hiding between two trailers or even underneath the truck bed. Therefore, it’s best for truck drivers to try and limit walking between parked truck trailers when it’s dark outside. Make sure to walk as quickly as possible when leaving your truck. It’s also a good idea to park a few spots away from another trailer, if possible, at night since you’ll never know who might be lurking in the spot between.

Keep a Variety of Self Defense Mechanisms

Truck drivers are at greater risk of criminal attack than the average person, so it’s important to keep an arsenal of self-defense mechanisms on hand. These include pepper sprays, wasp sprays, and other aerosols made for self-defense. A quick solution when in a bind is to use your truck keys between your middle and index finger to use as a weapon in case of a surprise attack or ambush. Also, your voice is a great way to alert passersby of a conflict. Truck drivers should make sure if there is a struggle to be as loud as possible to alert others as soon as possible. 

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