Eat This, Not That When Trucking Long Distance

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Trucking giving you a sweet tooth? Try a sweet apple instead of a donut.

As truck drivers, we all know how tempting it is to stop by a fast-food restaurant when we hear our stomachs growl. They are everywhere located off of the major highways we encounter while trucking. If not a fast-food restaurant, we may stop at rest stops or convenience stores and stock up on some potato chips or other greasy snacks. But since trucking is an already sedentary job, combined with eating unhealthy foods on the regular, it can be detrimental to your health. Luckily, there are ways you can prevent later health problems, even while trucking. It starts by choosing the foods you bring with you, trucking wisely. Before you head out trucking long distances, consider taking some of these nutritional foods with you instead of stopping for fast food. 

Stock Up on Produce

Something that most fast food services don’t provide is the option of fresh produce. Fruits and vegetables are some of the most beneficial food items you can eat and are a key way in having enough vitamins to keep you energized and healthy. Instead of getting your vitamin intake through sugary mini pies or canned fruit cups, consider purchasing some fresh fruits and vegetables like bananas, baby carrots, or pears. If trucking long distances, make sure to purchase more shelf-stable fruits like apples. 

Visit the Local Deli

Many truck stops might feature a miniature deli or have one nearby. A deli is a great option for any truck driver to utilize instead of fast food since it provides much fresher and healthier options. The only downside is that deli products are usually perishable, so they will not keep over long distances in trucks without a mini-fridge. But that doesn’t change making a stop to a deli every day rather than a hamburger joint you might have visited anyways. At a deli, consider purchasing lunch meats like sliced turkey or ham, as well as healthy, filling snacks like hummus and crackers. Try purchasing some tortillas as well to make some simple snack wraps with the lunch meat since they are healthier and have a longer shelf life than regular bread. 

Pick Healthy Snacks Perfect for Trucking

We all get very hungry frequently when trucking long distances. It’s important to always have some snacks on hand to curb hunger and stay focused. Avoiding processed and fried foods like potato chips and choosing healthy, low-calorie snacks are the best options for trucking. Instead, try granola bars, trail mixes, nuts like almonds or cashews, or even beef jerky in moderation. 

For All Your Trucking Needs

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