The Benefits of Intermodal Truck Travel

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Intermodal shipments come off boats looking like this, and they attach directly to your truck.

Truck driving is an essential job. Without truck drivers, freight would not be able to get from point A to point B, and businesses and entire industries would have great difficulty in receiving supplies. But truck driving is not an easy job. It can be physically and emotionally taxing since truck drivers often are away from home for many days or even weeks. Perhaps you are a truck driver looking to be able to spend more time with your family, or maybe you are tired of the achy joints. If so, have you considered intermodal truck driving? Intermodal is a different type of trucking than a traditional cross-country driver. Read on to learn more about intermodal trucking and why it could benefit you as a truck driver.

What is Intermodal Trucking?

Intermodal trucking is a specific kind of trucking that refers to the freight being carried. Normally, freight is offloaded and onboarded between many different carriers, but with intermodal, it all remains on one specialized container. The container is directly moved from a train, plane, or boat onto a truck bed, so there is no need to unpack beforehand. Usually, intermodal trucking is sort of like a pass the baton, where one form of transportation will pass it along with short distances until it reaches its final destination. 

You’ll Gain a Consistent Schedule

One great benefit of being an intermodal truck driver is that almost all drivers enjoy a consistent and reliable schedule. Since many intermodal travelers depend on the schedules of railyard and shipyard employees and hours, a 9-5 schedule is the norm in this type of driving. For someone who values family time and sleeping in their own bed each night, intermodal driving is a great option. 

Less Laborious Packing

As mentioned before, intermodal driving does not require unpacking and repacking truck cargo. Everything is received as is and delivered as is to the destination. This is great for truck drivers that do not want to perform frequent heavy lifting tasks or wait until reloading is over. 

It’s a Flexible Job

Lastly, intermodal trucking usually has a bit more leeway in terms of job flexibility and days off. Whereas in a traditional fleet, you may be called in for weeks at a time on short notice, an intermodal driver often has more of a set schedule and the ability to take planned vacations and days off. 

For All Your Trucking Needs

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