Certain Truck Driver Behaviors, Explained

Certain Truck Driver Behaviors, Explained

What are some things many truck drivers do that confuse other drivers on the road?

For people who don’t have experience driving commercial vehicles, they may not understand why truck drivers drive the way they do when operating their semi-trucks. Some truck driver behaviors seem to go against what most people learn in driving school. However, commercial vehicle drivers know they must adjust their driving style to keep their shipment and others safe on the road. For all those who share the road with truck drivers, here are your common frustrations with their driving behavior explained.

Why do trucks travel next to each other and block traffic?

Commercial vehicles must abide by certain speed limits. When two different trucks end up next to each other on the same road, they may have a small difference in speed to overtake the other. However, when the faster truck is only going 2 or 3 mph more than the other vehicle, it will take a while for them to get ahead, not to mention other road conditions to account for.

Why doesn’t the truck driver make way for me to merge?

A truck driver can either change lanes, slow down, or speed up to make room for another car to merge into their path. In many cases, it’s either not allowed or not safe for the truck to make these changes. The best way to handle this situation is to let the truck continue at their constant speed, and the merging vehicle will need to adjust accordingly.

Why did the truck driver cut me off?

Truck drivers should not make sudden directional or speed changes, as it can throw off the balance of their large and heavy vehicles. If they notice there is a slow vehicle or accident up the road, the commercial vehicle driver will take the earliest chance they have to move over into your lane to avoid the potential road hazard.

Why do so many trucks run yellow lights?

Many drivers, not just truck drivers, don’t want to waste time waiting at a red light. For commercial vehicles, it can waste a lot of gas to come to a stop at a light only to use more gas to bring it up to speed again. Additionally, there can be a point when the truck approaches the traffic light as it changes to yellow. By then, it may be too late for the truck to come to a stop before reaching the traffic light, so it’s safest to proceed through the yellow light. 

Why do truckers park on interstate ramps?

Ideally, truckers can park their vehicles at a truck stop or rest stop for the night so they can get their rest. Unfortunately, these places can be filled up quickly. From there, a truck driver will be forced to find alternative places to park and rest. Ramps are the next available option in most cases, even if they are dangerous, and drivers can be fined for parking there overnight.

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