Essentials to Keep in Your Truck Cab

Essentials to Keep in Your Truck Cab

What are some useful supplies you want to keep in your truck cab?

Even when your truck cab has limited space, you want to make sure you keep a few essential items with you. You may encounter an emergency on the road, or run into other situations where these items can give you some comfort. Keeping these items with you in the truck cab may even make the difference in you making your delivery safely and on-time.

First Aid Kit

A basic first aid kit is useful to have in most situations anyway. Plus, you never know if you’ll encounter someone else who will need it while on the road. There are many pre-assembled kits with the necessities to help clean and dress a small wound, or at least hold you over until you can seek further medical attention. 

Sunglasses and Glasses

Sunglasses are useful when it’s a particularly sunny day, or the snow on the side of the road is too reflective. Keep a few extra pairs around in case you lose or break one. The same can be said if you wear prescription glasses as part of your commercial license to drive. Keep a couple of pairs of your prescription glasses in the truck cab, so you aren’t stuck anywhere should you lose your glasses.

Extra Clothing

Trucking takes drivers to various parts of the county, some that experience dramatically different temperatures and climates. Bring a variety of clothes appropriate for warm and cold weather for wherever your next journey may take you. 

High-Visibility Gear

You probably already have emergency triangles, traffic cones, and flashlights in case your vehicle breaks down. Don’t also forget to keep a high-visibility or reflective vest handy as an extra safety precaution. This garment is also useful to have when you reach loading and unloading sites for your shipments.


Most drivers also keep their basic toiletries with them when going on deliveries. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razor, and comb are some necessities. When drivers get the chance to shower, they often need to use their own soap and shampoo.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are good for a quick refresh and clean your hands or face quickly and easily. These are also useful for tidying up your cab surfaces like the dashboard or steering wheel.

Food and Water

Keeping some healthy snacks or quick meals in the cab means less time and money spent eating out. Plus, you never know when you’ll end up miles away from a restaurant or convenience store. Having extra bottles of water onboard your cab is also a must.

Paper Map and Cash

In case our technology ever fails us, be sure to have some paper backups on hand. This means keeping a paper map should the navigation systems malfunction, along with some coins and cash, if credit cards aren’t an option.

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