Winter and Holiday Time Trucking Tips

Winter and Holiday Time Trucking Tips

Winter and holiday time trucking can present its own challenges. Here are some tips to get truckers through it!

For many, the holidays are a time to gather with friends and family. For those in the trucking industry, we know that isn’t always true for us. In fact, many truckers are busier during this time of year and out on the roads, delivering everything that makes the holidays and New Year possible. What’s more, the wintertime is full of its own dangerous driving conditions and weather to navigate. In addition to an extra sense of homesickness during this time of year, trucking isn’t easy but still very necessary. To help, we’ve compiled a few tips for trucking safely in winter conditions and how to add some holiday cheer into the life of a trucker.

Constantly Check the Weather

Bad weather can come and go suddenly. When you check the weather a week in advance, you won’t likely see the same exact forecast if you check again the day before. It is best to keep monitoring the weather of all the places your route will take you before and during your trip. Climate also varies significantly from region to region. So, if your route will take you to different parts of the country, keep tabs on the weather condition there in advance and plan accordingly.

Be Prepared to Stop or Slow

Snowy and icy conditions mean less traction on the tires and less control over your truck. If the precipitation is coming down hard, it also means less visibility for every driver on the road, not just you. On top of this, road work and construction doesn’t always stop in the winter, either. Crossing bridges is extremely dangerous too, since those freezes much faster than roads. All this is to say one should be prepared to pull over and wait for better driving conditions or exercise more cautious and safe driving than usual during winter.

Keep a Full Fuel Tank

A full fuel tank is extremely helpful in the cold. Firstly, the added weight of the full fuel tank on the truck tires creates more traction. Secondly, a fuller tank means less water condensation can build up in the tank or fuel lines. The last thing you need is for the engine to stall or not turn on. On the bright side, truck stops and fuel stations are less busy during this time.

Checking-In with Home

If you’re out on the road and away from your loved ones during the holidays, make it a point to stay connected in other ways. Find the time to send messages, video chat, or send postcards from your travels. Spending time with our family is most important, so when you can’t be together in person, other ways of communication help make up for it until you return home.

Deck the Cab

Take the holiday cheer with you on the road. Decorate your cab with holiday items, like tinsel or festive scented air fresheners. Play some holiday music on the radio. During your rest stop, make yourself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and watch a holiday movie. 

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