More Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Truck Drivers

More Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Truck Drivers

We’ve got even more tips to help truck drivers live a healthy lifestyle on the road.

Perhaps you share the perception with the general public, or you never expected this to impact to you before you started trucking, but the truck driver lifestyle makes it hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, the job requirements don’t make healthy and active living easy, but it’s also far from impossible. Although truckers spend most of their days focused on driving, there are many opportunities to incorporate healthy choices into their routine. We’ve covered plenty of fitness and healthy eating tips before, but here are a few more healthy lifestyle tips truck drivers can start using today!

Plan Your Routine

Planning your route and stops is already part of the job. Use this opportunity to also build in time for your healthy lifestyle needs. Truck drivers, when not on the road, find themselves spending time at truck stops or delivery points. See if there are any nearby parks, gyms, or trails you can explore and get in some exercise during that downtime. Even when you have a full day of driving ahead of you or must meet a deadline, plan for quick rest stops for you to stretch your muscles and get some movement in before continuing.

Also, plan to have regular meals. Our diet and eating habits impact health just as much as exercise does. Eating regular and balanced meals won’t negatively impact your metabolism and prevents you from over-eating during your next meal or snack break.

Keep Healthy Snacks Around

Junk food and empty calories don’t keep you full for long, don’t offer nutritional value, and can lead to unhealthy weight gain. If you only keep healthy and nutritious snacks around, your options stay good-for-you. Remove those temptations from your cab. Drink caffeinated beverages, like coffee and sodas, at a reasonable amount, but don’t rely on them. Instead, stay hydrated by always having water on hand. You may find that drinking enough water can give you all the energy you need without any risk of sugar-crashing later. 

Fit in Fitness

Bring small equipment with you in your cab so you can exercise wherever you go. Resistance bands, kettlebells, or a folding bicycle are just some of the fitness equipment you can take with you. Additionally, there are plenty of exercises you can do without equipment. Truck drivers can run, sprint, do push-ups, and crunches. Just make sure to fit in 10 to 15 minutes of vigorous exercise daily.

Keep a Record

Keeping a record of your healthy lifestyle progress can help you consciously reflect on your efforts and what areas you can improve upon. You’ll notice when you may have fallen short on your diet or exercise goals and take steps to make up for it the next day. Plus, keeping a journal of your food and exercise can improve your mood and outlook, since you’ll have a tangible record of your progress. Staying happy and motivated is just as important to a truck driver’s healthy lifestyle.

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