3 Benefits of Getting Truck Dashcams

3 Benefits of Getting Truck Dashcams

Installing truck dashcams can help protect your fleet.

While it’s not the most advanced piece of technology in our modern world, truck dashcams still hold so much value. These devices are a standard in many vehicles and trucking fleets for good reasons. Using truck dashcams to record trucks and truckers on and off the road serves many purposes. The following are three benefits of installing truck dashcams to your vehicle or fleet.

Deters Thieves

Thieves are less likely to target your vehicle if the truck dashcam is visible. They wouldn’t want the risk of getting caught and having video proof linking them to any suspicious or illicit activities. Installing dashcams is like having an extra set of eyes on and around your vehicle. If your truck is parked at a truck stop overnight, the dash cam can continue to monitor your surroundings or ward off thieves while you get some rest. Should a thief or vandal cause damages to your vehicle, you can also provide the video recordings to the authorities or your insurance company.

Capture Video Evidence

If you’re trying to make a strong case, using video evidence can bolster your side of the story. Dashcams can capture unsafe driving habits, either committed by the trucker or other drivers on the road. Should an accident occur, dashcam footage can help determine who was the at-fault party. Some people may try to file false claims against your driver, implicating your company, and your reputation. A dashcam can show whether the truck driver exercised safe driving practices, like braking or maintaining following distances. Additionally, drivers that know both electronic logging devices and dashcams are monitoring their driving are more likely to be aware of their operating behavior, reducing the chances of committing a trucking violation.

Use for Training and Teaching 

Recorded footage is a great training and learning tool for new drivers. Old footage can be shown to new truckers to let them get a sense of what to expect on the job and how to handle certain situations should they arise. Further, management can review dashcam footage of new drivers with them to point out what they are doing well and what needs improvement. Having someone sit in on a long trip isn’t always feasible, so using footage is a time-saving and effective way to provide feedback on the driver’s performance.

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