Safety When Loading and Unloading Truck Trailers

Safety When Loading and Unloading Truck Trailers

Loading and unloading truck trailers are everyday tasks that require safety precautions.

Operating a commercial vehicle and moving truck trailers is only one dangerous aspect when it comes to trucking. There are plenty of rules and regulations in place to promote safety when loading and unloading truck trailers as well. This daily business activity can lead to people’s injuries or damaged products when not carried out carefully and correctly. Your reliable trucking service should value these safety aspects of the delivery job as much as the truck driving element. Today, we will take a look at safety procedures and guidelines when loading and unloading truck trailers.

The Loading Area

Making sure that the loading area where workers will be moving massive stacks and operating dangerous forklifts is in good condition is a start. This area should be level and stable, meaning drivers don’t need to work about potholes in the ground. The loading area should be clear of vehicle and foot traffic. Since loading and unloading can happen at any time, even during early mornings and late nights, make sure there is always sufficient lighting around the working areas.

General Guidelines

Before any loading or unloading of the truck trailer can begin, the driver must complete a couple of tasks. After positioning the vehicle in the designated loading area, the driver needs to turn off the truck engine and secure the vehicle. This may require the driver to chock the wheels in place to prevent any accidental movement, as well as add more stability. A driver is likely not cleared to be a part of the loading or unloading process, so they should wait in a designated safe zone while loading workers and forklift operators complete the job. Everyone should be wearing necessary personal protective equipment while loading and unloading, such as gloves, heavy-duty footwear, and high-visibility vests.

Loading Best Practices

Aside from the actual labor of loading up the truck trailer with forklifts or cranes and securing the load with restraints, there’s a considerable amount of checks and documentation that goes into this process. Before shipping out, there should be records of all cargo and quantities being dispatched. In addition, make sure the cargo does not surpass the vehicle’s carrying capacity, the products are in suitable packaging, and that all restraints for unique loads are in place.

Unloading Best Practice

Upon arriving at the unloading site, there are precautions to take before removing cargo from the trailer. Check to see if anything moved while in transit or came loose. Be especially aware of top-loaded items, as these can topple over once workers begin unloading. Also, stay vigilant for moving or unstable items while the in-trailer restraints are removed.

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