Maintenance Tips Every Trucker Should Follow

Maintenance Tips Every Trucker Should Follow Evan Transportation

Make sure that you check your tires every time you do any maintenance on your truck.

The trucking life can be a lonely, solitary profession, with extended hours spent on the road with only your own company. On the other hand, there is peace in solitude for many people, and the freedom of being your boss on the open road can also be empowering. While you don’t have a boss over your shoulder on the road, you do have one thing always calling the shots – your rig. Whether you drive a flatbed locally, haul across the country in a semi, or anything in between, your gig is up if your truck isn’t running correctly. Read on for some essential maintenance tips every trucker should follow to keep your rig running in top shape


When it comes to maintenance tasks that impact the safety of your vehicle, tires are certainly near the top of the list. Your tires are the thing that keeps you and your truck connected to the ground. They need to be strong, they need to be installed correctly, they need to be balanced, they need to have good tread: there’s a lot that goes into safe tires. Make sure that you check your tires every time you do any maintenance on your truck. Also, you should make sure that you check your air pressure before you head out on any runs.


Another essential maintenance task related to safety is maintaining your brakes. Just as crucial as a rig that can go is a rig that can stop when needed. Maintaining your breaks involves the standards like rotors and pads and checking your lines and hoses and fluid levels. When you have your mechanic check out your brakes, check out your brake lights to make sure those are working correctly.


Cold weather during the winter season can be bad for your battery. It’s hard for batteries to overcome the cold to start up your engine and that wear and tear adds up fast. Make sure that your battery is ready going into the winter season, and during the winter season, make sure that your mechanic is checking to make sure it’s still good.


Checking to ensure your fluid levels are appropriate is another vital maintenance task. This includes windshield wiper fluid, brake fluid, coolant, oil – pretty much anything that helps your engine run. Low fluid levels (or dirty fluid that hasn’t been changed in a while and needs to be) can wreak havoc on your engine. Make sure you’re staying on updated with your scheduled maintenance.

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