How Truckers Can Navigate Icy Roads

evan transportation navigate icy roads

Remember these tips before you try to navigate icy roads.

The winter weather can be quite brutal for truck drivers. In fact, driving on ice and snow is incredibly difficult and can be quite dangerous. But, truckers will often still have to drive their trucks even in white-out conditions. There is no denying that truckers end up having a very difficult job to do when it comes to navigating the tough and brutal winter weather conditions daily. Ultimately, dealing with hazardous conditions as a truck driver can be troubling — but there are some effective and efficient tips to help truckers maintain their safety as they navigate icy roads and treacherous conditions. Here are some useful and helpful tips for truck drivers when it comes to safely navigating icy roads and other winter weather conditions.

Be Sure To Plan Ahead

If you know there is a chance that you might be embarking on a driving situation where you’ll encounter winter weather like snow, sleet or ice, planning ahead makes a world of a difference. In fact, if you can prepare ahead of time, the better. The reality is, checking the forecast routinely during the winter becomes increasingly important. Ultimately, if you end up being positive that there is no chance you’ll be able to get to your destination safely as a result of winter weather, it becomes inherently necessary that you always call your freight dispatcher who can know what is going on and then notify the receiver accordingly.

Conducting A Pre-Check Inspection Is Key

Frequent inspections are important whenever truck drivers embark on their journeys. In fact, with winter weather, pre-check inspections become critical. Getting in the habit of double checking that your windshield wipers are in proper working order is key. Ultimately, making sure any moisture has been drained from the air tanks and ensuring your defroster and heat is working properly are all key components of an effective and efficient pre-check inspection that becomes a must as you head out during the brutal winter months. At the end of the day, these inspections are designed to keep you and your truck safe as you navigate icy roads that are all too common during the winter months in the northeast specifically. 

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